Bus Services

Shenzhen Bus Group has operated a pure electric bus fleet with 6053 pure electric buses since June 2017. This marks the successful completion of full electrification of its fleet since the group trialed with its first hybrid bus line in 2008. The fleet currently has an annual passenger capacity of 800 million person times. As a result, SZBG was awarded with the “Outstanding Achievement” at the 2019 UITP Global Public Transportation Summit. And the BBC has made a docu-series on this achievement in 2019. SZBG has also been featured in numerous international press and media coverage (China Daily, The Guardian, The South China Morning Post, The Straits Time, NHK, etc.)

Full Electrification Timeline:




May 2008

First Hybrid Bus Trailed in Service (Diesel + Electric)

Jun. 2009

Deployed 10 Hybrid Buses (Diesel + Electric)

July 2011

Deployed 10 Pure Electric Buses and 26 Minibuses

Sept. 2012

Launched First Pure Electric Bus Line

Nov. 2015

Developed the Plan for Complete Electrification

Jun. 2017

Electrification Completed


Partnership with Didi to Launch On-Demand Transit
U-Dian Bus
A partnership that commenced in 2016 with Didi resulted in an introduction of 1650 on-demand service lines in 2019. In this unique service model of U-Dian bus, a bus is assigned to a route that is elected by passengers through a user app. Usually, the bus only operates twice a day (one each in the morning and evening peak hour). A passenger can book a ticket and reserve the seat on the user app for the next day. 40-seat buses are being used to operate these services. By the end of 2018, U-Dian services were offered in 7 cities, servicing 50,000 passengers each day with 989 active routes.
U+ Bus
Launched as a continuation of the successful partnership for U-Dian, the U+ on-demand services were launched in 2018. The U+ services use a smaller 10-seater minibus, to offer dynamic on-demand service. This service is available only during the off-peak hours. The vehicles are operating completely on a dynamically optimised routing and timetable. The intelligent software works out the customer’s hailing demand and calculates optimised routes and stops to pick up and drop off passengers. This service is still being trailed by SZBG in 2 cities, servicing a total of 24 sq.km. area with 10 minibuses.
School Children Transportation Services using Pengcheng Electric Taxi (PCET)
Using the advanced safety equipment fitted out in the taxis, this service aims to provide a safer and more efficient way to transport children to school, without the need of accompanying parent. Using the mobile app interface, parents can track the exact location of the taxi and be able to see the children via the security camera during the taxi journey. This service is currently under trial but at the end of the trial, this service will be provided city-wide.
Development of Autonomous Bus Technology with Haylion Technologies
Shenzhen Haylion Technologies Company Limited (Haylion Technologies) is jointly founded by experienced professional experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, telecommunication engineering, new energy automobile and public transport industry. Major shareholders include Gortune Investment Co., Ltd, SZBG, automakers Scania and Hino.