Taxi Fleet Electrifaction

At present, Shenzhen Bus Group has more than 99% of taxis in Shenzhen area which are pure electric taxis. This number accounts for 40% of the total electric vehicles in the city and is the largest state-owned taxi company in the city. According to the company plan, Shenzhen Bus Group has completed electrification of all taxis by 2018.


Partnership between Pengcheng Electric Taxi (PCET) and SF Express in Logistics Services


To improve the utilisation of the taxi fleet, SZBG is partnering with SF Express to launch perhaps first of its kind in the world service for delivering small packages and documents within Shenzhen. The taxi can simultaneously also pick up ride-hailing passengers along the way to generate synergy and reduce the delivery cost. PCET has developed an intelligent software that works with the incumbent taxi assignment system to calculate the optimised route from the pick-up to the drop off. The software matches the ride-hailing demand with package delivery and lets the driver select the passenger whose origin and destination is similar to the route calculated for the logistics package. Currently, this service is being trailed on 500 of PCET’s taxis. Subject to the result of the trial, the service will be pushed on to the entire fleet of taxis city-wide.