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Taxi Services

As business and work gradually resume in Shenzhen, the more private and less crowded taxis have become a preferred choice of transportation for many. To guarantee safety and comfort in mind of taxi passengers, SZBG’s subsidary companies Pengcheng Taxis and Shum Kong Taxis have both pioneered stringent virus prevention and control initiatives such as:
●  Launching the “minimal contact anti-virus taxis” by reducing physical contact between passengers and drivers and vehicles. Drivers are instructed to open and close doors for passengers; seats are disinfected after each ride to ensure that the next passengers are protected; hand disinfectant dispensers are installed in all vehicles; and temporary screens are installed to separate drivers from passengers.
●  Disinfecting all vehicles at least three times on a daily basis, before departure, between shifts, and after operation with the process being recorded.
●  All drivers are asked to register via a QR code and application in order to trace their previous and subsequent movements.
●  A 14-day mandatory quarantine for staff returning to Shenzhen after the Lunar New Year Holiday; having had close contact with people from the Hubei Province; and/or reside or work in a complex with confirmed cases of Covid-19.
●  All passengers are also requested to register their names and contact numbers in case they need to be informed or traced for potential spread of virus.
●  Face masks may be provided for passengers if needed.
●  Emergency kits are provided in each taxi.
●  Real-time online monitoring.
Apart from the above, stringent measures are also put in place at all taxi depots including:
●  Before each shift, all drivers have to register their names, temperature, license plate number and contact details.
●  Drivers are asked to have their temperature taken and go through disinfection immediately before and after each shift.
●  Drivers are provided with disinfectant and face masks on board.
●  Each vehicle will undergo thorough disinfection after it returns to the depot.
By implementing “QR Code” for all taxis which record daily and hourly services, a suspected case can be traced for each vehicle, the routes drivers and passengers taken to prevent the virus from spreading further.
All employees are advised to install online learning APP to acquire knowledge of safety and protective measures from online training courses conducted through SZBG’s online “Training Evaluation Management System”. Points-based evaluation and graduation is adopted as an incentive to increase the awareness of front-line staff on prevention and control measures.
The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to a significant drop in commuting and traveling as people are asked to only take necessary trips and to work from home, this has had a significant and direct impact on the earning of taxi drivers.  To help drivers through this difficult period, SZBG has substantially reduced monthly taxi rental fee as well as cutting electricity charging service fee by half in 10 charging stations operated by SZBG. Using WeChat Mini Payment Programme and/or Alipay Mini Programme drivers of electric taxis in the city can enjoy a 50% discount on charging services. Taxi drivers who reach the mileage set by the government also enjoy an incentive subsidy everyday to guarantee a minimal level of taxi services in Shenzhen.
During this epidemic, as people are asked to stay and work from home, Pengcheng Taxi and SF Express have joined hands in ensuring a continuation of courier and delivery of express services is available. 750 taxi drivers from Pengcheng Taxi work as couriers in the city and have successfully delivered 4,000 urgent items including personal disinfection materials and supplies that citizens urgently needed. Initiated in 2019, Pengcheng Taxi and SF Express worked together to promote resource sharing and optimising to better cater for the needs of citizens while at the same time enhance revenue sharing amongst industries benefiting drivers directly.